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Taking a Break from GLMV: Snorkeling

Taking a Break from GLMV: Snorkeling

I love going out to the beach. My father and my uncle love the sea so I’ve grown to love it as well. We don’t like swimming that much but we love to snorkel.

My father told me that back when I was still very young, he would have a lot of trouble getting me out of the water because I wouldn’t want to. The family would end up having to stay at the beach until it gets dark.

One thing that really got me into snorkeling is that I love seeing what’s underneath the water. The underwater scenery is not only beautiful but also relaxing. There is a certain kind of feeling watching the fishes swim or how the corals and underwater plants sway and move.

Someday, I will be able to snorkel on some of the famous snorkeling spots in the Philippines but for now, I will just be contented on snorkeling in the island where I live.

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