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5 Popular Philippine Mythical Creatures

The Philippine Folklore is rich in unique mythical creatures. The uniqueness of these creatures is largely due to the Philippines being an archipelago made up of different islands. With each island groups made up of different ethnic people, the diverse belief system and traditions gave birth to a variety of mythical creatures.

The colonialisation of the Philippines by Spain and America brought forth Western mythical creatures which became incorporated into the belief system of the native Filipinos.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of mythical creatures that exist in each ethnic belief system, quite a few of them gained national popularity.

Here are the popular Philippine Mythical Creatures:

  1. Aswang
    The notorious Aswang is a shapeshifter. The creature is believed to have a human form but can transform into a monster form at will and will harass or eat humans during night time and rarely during the day. It is believed that they like to eat human liver.The Aswang is extremely popular in the Visayas Region.
  2. Kapre
    Parents often tell their children not to play at night near the balete, acacia, mango or other big trees for there lurks the Kapre atop those trees.The Kapre is a filthy giant who is always smoking rolled tobacco leaves and who also loves to scare children who play at night.
  3. Duwende
    “Tabi, tabi po.” Our ancestors are fond of telling us to say those words whenever we are in an unfamiliar places especially in forested areas or shrubbery places. The reason being is that duwendes live there.Duwendes are believed to be either good or mischievous so in order not to offend any of them, “Tabi, tabi po.” should always be uttered.
  4. Sirena
    The Sirena is a mermaid and the famous maiden of the seas. It is said that sirenas protect coastal areas from harm and helps fishermen get a good catch.A sirena is also believed to fall in love with human men but be on the watch since unfaithfulness always results in death.
  5. Manananggal
    This amazing mythical creature can detach half of her body, from the head to waist and fly while leaving the other half on the ground. The manananggal likes to eat newborn babies and fetus. Sunlight is the main enemy of the manananggal and they are also afraid of salt and garlic.

Do mythical creatures really exist? Oral history passed from generation to generation says so and they are even full of stories about certain people who had encountered them. While a lot of people especially in modern times dismiss them as just figments of imagination. Whether they truly exist or not, it’s up to you.

Just be wary though of that nuno sa punso.

( ***Author’s Note: I was inspired to create Gacha Life Music videos because of this creatures. You can check out more on YouTube.)


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