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Mamang Sorbetero is one of those songs that reminds you of simple childhood pleasures while living in rural areas of the Philippines. The jingle of the sorbetero’s bell is a music to a child’s ear especially during summertime when the sweltering heat of the summer sun is almost unbearable. A cone of sorbetes always provides soothing relief from playing under the hot sun.

Sorbetes or street ice cream is a home-made ice cream that is popular among kids in the country. They come in different flavors like vanilla, mango and other local fruits. Almost always, the sorbetero is also the one who prepared the ice cream that they sell.

Sadly, the industry is now dying and slowly replaced by ice cream manufactured by big brands.

The song invokes a nostalgia especially for those who grew up in rural areas of the country but are now living in the cities.

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