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Building a 10K House in Bloxburg

The Game

Bloxburg is one of the games that you can play in Roblox. The gameplay is quite unique since your objective is to build your own house from scratch. You can build a 10k house bloxburg, 100k bloxburg house or any house design and cost.

Building your own house in Bloxburg is both fun and challenging. Fun because you are able to build the house in any shape or size that you like. You can also decorate the house both the interior and exterior to your heart’s content. The challenging part is on how you go about building it and more importantly, how you are going to get the funds (hint: there is such a thing called ‘work’).

Watch the video and have fun.

Building the Bloxburg 10k House

I always dreamed that someday, I will be able to have a house of my own but since I still don’t have the resources to do it, here I am building a house in Bloxburg.

This is not the first house that I ever built on Bloxburg. I already experimented with the house designs that came from my own imagination and well, some of them came out ok while a lot of them are straight junk designs or so as my parents told me. Truth to be told, some of my previous houses built in Bloxburg are really ugly.

My concept for this house is good for one person only as you can see on the video and yes, it is a house made of bricks with tiled flooring. The idea on how to arrange the interior gut jumbled somehow resulting in having the kitchen and the living room sharing the same space.

Lessons Learned

When building a house, even in Bloxburg, don’t be in a hurry. Always plan ahead and make sure to let your imagination and creativity flow.

I will continue to build, build and build more houses in Bloxburg so that I will be able to improve my skills while having fun at the same time.

See you in the game!


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